Daisy Twinkle by Marc Jacobs

March 27, 2018

One of the latest limited edition fragrance release by Marc Jacobs is called Daisy Twinkle and its perfect for the spring season! This fragrance is described as a fruity and floral fragrance that has notes of berries and violets all grounded in a creamy base. 

The main notes in this scent are wild berries, violet flower, white woods,  créme de cassis, black cherry, fresh white florals, and whipped berry mousse. Upon initial use, I find this scent to be softer version of the original Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I think this is the case thanks to the creamy notes that have been added to the fragrance.

As you can see, the packaging for Daisy Twinkle is cute, fun and flirty. It’s the standard Marc Jacobs Daisy bottle shape except it comes in a beautiful lavender shade! The purple tone of the bottle is complemented by accents of gold and a soft yellow from the floral decals.

I would say that this is the perfect scent for someone who exudes playful femininity. This scent is also perfect for someone who doesn’t like strong in your face type of scent as it’s not overwhelming. This is the type of scent I’d wear on vacation, when going out to hang with friends, to brunch or even out on a date because it’s not intrusive.

On me, I find it to be the perfect mix of fresh and floral notes without being overwhelming. I do enjoy wearing it during the day and find it perfect for the warm season.

Daisy Twinkle by Marc Jacobs is part of a trio limited edition fragrance collection being released. It also includes two other fragrances; Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle and Daisy Dream Twinkle.

I’d like to share a huge thank you to Dave Lackie and Fume Scent Lounge for gifting me with this product at the Fume Scent Lounge launch event!





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