How I’m Staying Motivated

February 12, 2018

I read, a lot…whenever I have a chance to sit still, I pick up a book and dive into it. While away on vacation this book; We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union became my best friend.

I read this book in under four days. I soaked up each word, paragraph and chapter as if I was searching for the truth. This is an easy to read book that takes you on a summarized life journey of Gabrielle filled with inspirational and motivating lessons and life stories that you can apply to your own life.

Using books to keep me motivated throughout the year is how I plan on staying inspired. Learning from otherss drive, mistakes and motivation is my source of inspiration to keep working on my goals. Other ways that I plan on currently staying motivated are below:

  • Continuing to plan out my days, weeks, and months. Being able to take note of the actual work that I’ll be putting in to achieve my goals is something that excites me to keep going.
  • Using my planner daily. I reference my planner to help me keep on track for what it is I need to do. Writing down my daily tasks helps me to be mindful of my day and how I’ll accomplish my goals.
  • Being kind to myself. Sometimes I/(we), can be hard on ourselves and forget all that we have accomplished. It’s important to take a step back, and congratulate what’s been done before moving onto the next task.
  • Dreaming big! I want to continuing growing and in order to do so I have to dream big and stay inspired 🙂

Let me know in the comment section how you plan on staying motivated throughout the year.





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