5 Tips to Staying Fit and Healthy

January 3, 2018

Hello world! For this year I plan on staying fit and healthy! I’m making a commitment to myself to be consistent and put my health and fitness first. To do so I’m going to follow 5 easy steps. 

  1. Plan! This year I’ve planned; I’m no longer approaching my health and fitness lifestyle in a casual manner; I’m getting serious and making a plan to stay on track. This means I’ve had to have an honest conversation with myself to see what it is I can actually achieve and how I’ll do it. The plan is in place and it’s simple and realistic for me to follow. I’m excited!
  2. Prepare! I’ll make sure to prepare my meals in advance. That means I’ll have to cook at least twice a week to ensure I have healthy meals ready to go during the week.
  3. Schedule it in! Last year the hardest thing for me to do was to be consistent at attending the gym. This time I’m making a promise to myself to regularly attend the gym by scheduling it in my calendar. I’m planning and writing down my gym sessions weekly to ensure I hold myself accountable.
  4. Just do it! All talk and no action means nothing. I’m just going to do it! Eat healthy, workout and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle 🙂
  5.  Check-in and celebrate! This year I’m going to reward myself. If you’re like me often I don’t take the time out to congratulate myself. This year things are going to change and I’m going to give myself a pat on the back! For me, celebrating a healthy and fit lifestyle can be as simple as sleeping in on a weekend to buying myself new workout pants. Woot woot to both!

How do you plan on staying fit and healthy this year?



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